This is THE LEVITATION HEX home site here you can buy CDs , Downloads and Merchandise. You can also view videos and photos and see what our tour plans are. For now why don’t you leave a comment and introduce yourself? To do so just click on Welcome to above. Hope you enjoy the site and the music. There are the unmastered demo tracks via soundcloud to listen to and if you join the mailing list you get a free Album song titled THE LONGEST PATH POSSIBLE……Enjoy and Welcome

If you can’t buy the CD via this page and you live in Australia  it will be available in retail stores through Australia’s longest running metal label MODERN INVASION. If it’s not in stock ask them to order it.





THE LEVITATION HEX are proud to announce their signing to Germany’s HIGH ROLLER RECORDS for Europe and UK

The self-titled debut is AVAILABLE NOW at It is available on limited edition splatter gatefold viynl and a new CD booklet package. Of course the original pressing is still available from our shop here.